The Quest for Mastery

This Quest is a process with no end point.

Take any technical discipline and you will see the best practitioners constantly refining and improving.

Bruce Lee was always refining, eliminating anything that did not contribute to his expression.

My magic has entered an interesting space right now. I am noticing stronger reactions from my audience. When I look at my material, it is not technically demanding, the effects are strong, my presentation is on point and my rapport with my audience has become more powerful.

I am aware that I am deliberately simplifying everything I do. This is required by all of us – an attitude towards simplicity.

This is not easy.

It requires deep introspection and a willingness to understand how magic should and must look to an audience.

Simplicity of effect.

Direct handling and procedure

Dramatic script and premise.



Audience Attention Control.

Authentic Expression.

My friend John Carey is outstanding at identifying what needs attention. Study his work and you will see how strong his effects are.

This will be an ongoing conversation.

For now, think on this for yourself and your magic.

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