Before reading any further, please take a moment to watch and hopefully enjoy the following video.

This video features two of my all time favourite effects: The Metamorphosis by Robert Houdin and The Tipsy Trick which was first published in The Royal Road to Card Magic.

These two routines have taken half my life to arrive at. They both feature a stealth mode methodology that I now feature in my new masterclass SYNERGY.

Synergy is a beautiful word; it presupposes that different elements have come together to create something new. A new approach, a dynamic expression that transforms what came before.

Triumph and The Metamorphosis are very old routines. I have continually searched for a way of expressing both routines with an elegant deception. A methodology that completely flies under the psychological radar.

You can see the reaction of Luke, the reporter who came to interview me at my lecture in Wolverhampton the other night.

So, how do we apply synergy to the magic we are doing?

This question is worthy of consideration because it is not easy to answer.

I will give you some guidelines that I follow:

  • Understand the effect
  • Do not confuse simplicity with being easy to execute
  • Research different variations
  • Take what is useful – elliminate what isn’t
  • Trust your vision and self expression
  • Be willing to upgrade your technical level
  • Be willing to practice
  • Test drive every solution
  • Be committed with zero attachment
  • Experiment and have fun

Take the work seriously, however, don’t take yourself too seriously. This part is critical because the journey is all about your personal evolution♠️

My magic is in a process of transformation right now. This new Masterclass is all about being willing to change my/our approach and upgrade my/our thinking and skill.

The video above is proof positive that the effects produced creates a feeling of magic. It is an uncanny experience.

I was inspired by Darwin Ortiz’s book Designing Miracles – Creating an Illusion of Impossibility.

This book is worthy of study.

It can transform how you approach the design of your magic because it communicates in no uncertain terms how lay people think.

Once you have read this book, you can no longer approach laypeople with anything less than the atmosphere of magic.

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Thanks for reading

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