The London Card Expert is BACK

It has been a long time since this website has been active. I am very happy to say it is now back, fully functional and I am excited with the new features and content I will be sharing.

I must be honest and say life just got in the way. Managing multiple websites has taken its toll and my focus just got distracted. It doesn’t mean I have been out of magic, far from it, just busy in other areas.

As you know, Card Magic is my passion above all things, seriously and this website, while being non commercial in nature was a place where I could just share my passion for this curious little subject.

A lot has happened; a lot of Traveling, performing, studying, new books, videos on my You Tube Channel. I intend to discuss all of this right here.

My current magic related websites are:

Michael Vincent Magic

The Vincent Academy

And The London Card Expert

All three sites are connected and will feature heavily from this portal. You will see links that feature to these sites so you may be jumping backwards and forwards. Just keep in mind, it’s just one big tree with many branches.

I hope you enjoy this new refreshed look. The old content is still relevant that is why I left it in tack. The cosmetic look of the site is all that has changed.

The new content to follow will be in line with my activities and the latest going ons in Card Magic.

Stay tuned and welcome back.



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