Coffee Shop Ritual

Everyday around 11am I like to visit my Petit Cafe. It is one block away from my home.

This is where I order my Cappuccino, take out my mat, my Journal and create.

Do you have a daily ritual?

This is an important consideration.

This is very often the best part of my day. It is here that I remember my friends, my mentors, make notes in my Journal.

I love creating new sets or performance programme forĀ up coming shows.

I will spend up to two hours here. I find it very therapeutic and cleansing for my mind.

One of the big benefits is the conversation that happen with other people. They see me practicing, taking notes. Only two days ago, a gentleman named Wasim asked;

Are you a magician?

So began an interesting conversation. He told me he was from Lebanon, a country I have just visited so we had a connection. I ended up showing him My Two Card Monte.

So, the benefits of getting out of the house are huge. If nothing else, getting the sky above your head, so I believe is good for creative thinking and the odd impromptu performance.

Thanks for reading.

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