The Sting

Card routines just don’t come any better.

A true story.

I was intimidated by this routine when I first read it in CARDSHARK. It is based on an idea in The Vernon Chronicles Volume 3.

Darwin Ortiz saw the potential and turned it on its head. He has put together an impromptu demonstration of gambling skill and in the process, created a routine that laypeople respond to like they have seen real magic. I have seen Darwin perform this live and experienced the reaction from lay people.

This confused me.

A gambling routine that has such a powerful impact, how is this possible?

I asked Darwin this question and he dropped a bombshell on me.

Card Magic and Magical Skill can live together side by side in a performance. This made complete sense to me.

Magical Skill – think about that for a moment. Jugglers, Martial Artist, Tennis Players, Guitarist, Football Players, Boxers, we marvel at their skill. We magicians have to keep our skill under the radar, unless, you choose to be a Gambling Expert.

I do not consider myself to be a Gambling Expert, however, I can certainly live up to the title of The London Card Expert.



I have chosen to BRAND myself as a Sleight of Hand Artist. This covers a wide birth of interest where cards are concerned and gambling routines and demonstrations fit this context very well for me.

My performance of The Sting has proven to be just gorgeous as far as lay man reactions are concerned.

This routine has taken ten years of constant practice.

It is not an easy routine to learn or perform. I practice my drills every day just so that I am up to speed on certain techniques.

Read Darwin’s book and share your thoughts. A video for this routine will be added later.

Thanks for reading.

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