Growth and Expansion

Growth and expansion in card magic is  an ongoing never ending journey. In fact, it’s the journey that is important not the outcome.

It’s important to know your outcome but do not be attached to it. Be committed to the journey and have zero attachment, remain fluid, like water.

In any technical discipline, fluidity is key. Think of the Martial Arts and what Bruce Lee taught; he was a perpetual student, always probing, seeking, exploring.

In card magic, I can say my growth has been because I continually went back to basics. I am not interested in new techniques or routines for the sake of what’s new. No, I study new ideas and concepts to add to what I already do well – this is to make things better.

My primary question is how can I improve this?

Here is a simple exercise for you.

Take three routines you do well and ask this question.

Go back to basics, start again with the accumulated knowledge that you now have.

I do this regularly and it pays dividends.

Here is an example from a classic routine.

The Lie Detector

This routine is my new version and combines many ideas.

Credit to Paul Cummings, Larry Henning, Alex Elmsley and Mike Obrien.

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