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Good Bye to Marc and Simon


What a mystery.


Heart Beats.

How many left?

I said good by to two dear friends.

Marc Plant and Simon Aronson.

I am shocked and saddened because both have left so unexpectedly.

All I can say is, it was a pleasure and privilege to have known them.

Marc was the only one I saw who perfected the card flourish Curley Cue created by Paul Harris.

Take a look at this video.

Marc was a wonderful personality and friend..

The death of Simon Aronson came out of the blue.
I just got home from doing my One Man Show in Knightsbridge.
As I always do after a show, I sit quietly and review the entire performance in my mind.
This time, with a heavy heart.
My thoughts turned to Simon’s wife Ginny.
Simon and Ginny
What must she be feeling and going through?
Simon and Ginny have been together forever.
That’s how close they were.
It must be difficult beyond measure for her right now.
Social Media is full of tributes about Simon and rightly so.
His contribution to magic has been creatively impeccable, matched with stunning performances.
I am so happy I got to become friends with him.
He challenged me big time to strive for the impossible and not to settle.
He told me to keep my mind open for new possibilities, don’t be trapped by past based thinking and idea.
Striving for the impossible was Simons way, his approach.
He exhausted all possibilities until he found his ideal expression.
His routine look and feel impossible given everything we know and magic.
This is the point.
Simons Magic leaves you feeling intelligently aware that what you just experienced cannot possibly happen…….not in our reality.
In Simon’s world, his side kick Mergle kept pushing him to create beyond the current trends.
Michael Vincent Uses His Imagination
The Aronson Approach has now become the watch word for a magical ideal that will forever be a part of our academic conversation.
This is Simon’s legacy to us all.
Michael Vincent x

3 Michals: Magic in Poland

Magic in Poland is becoming a habit.

I have just returned home from Poland – this was my second visit and it was amazing. I really love presenting Magic in Poland this is why I accepted the invitation to return.

My friend Michal Kulik invited me over to present my new Lecture “Synergy” for The Krakow Magic Session.

Michal and his partner, Michal Skubida, have been running these events for the last few years. Their goal is to raise the standard of magic in Poland.

Magic in Polabd
Skubida & Kulik

I was privileged to be guest of honour and to present my show to the public as part of the weekend event.

Firstly, I presented my lecture to a full room of enthusiastic magicians. It’s amazing to me how far my reach in the world has become just through social media. All of these magicians were familiar with my work.

Magic in Poland
The Vincent Academy Class of Krakow

The following day was my four hour masterclass and it was a full on training for ten magicians. Everyone performs, no exceptions. With everyone performing, it means we can all provide creative feedback.

My Seminars are different to a Lecture. Seminars are about self improvement where as a Lecture is about imparting information. Students then have to take notes and apply that information to their data base of knowledge.

The Seminar is a safe space to receive feedback about style, technique, audience rapport and projection.

I was very impressed with everyone.

Magic in Poland

The evening show feature myself, Kulik and Skubida – one show, three magicians all called Michał – Polish Spelling.-

The Show was great and well received.

Magic in Poland Magic on Poland

I really like Krakow and its people – I celebrated my birthday there so it was a perfect week away mixed with fun, snow and full blown magic.

I came away with a renewed sense of optimism about my life and craft and the direction I intend to take things in.

I plan on returning to Poland before the end of the year to see my friends.

It's all about the reaction

A Happy New Year from Michael Vincent Magic

A very Happy New Year to you all.

2018 has flown by and as I look back, I can see highs and lows and in-between it all, a period of real growth for myself.

I have travelled the world in the last 12 months and it has been wonderful.

It's all about the reaction
It’s all about the reaction

My thoughts and feelings have been on a roller coaster with great magic, friendship and personal issues that life just throws at me.
All of which must be dealt with as elegantly as possible.
I am truly grateful for my friendships; they kept me steady during a very challenging time.
I am happy my magic and performances have been competent and effective.

Now that 2019 is here, what now?

Well, it begins with a mad weekend in Eindhoven at a convention hosted by Leo Smetser. In between that, I am organising my first every live webinar that will focus on teaching core skills in mastering card handling.

If you are interested in this, click on the Eventbrite Button below.

or click here for more details

Eventbrite - Card Handling Webinar - Michael Vincent

I will be traveling a lot in the first half of this year so please keep an eye on updates through this website.

Lots of exciting things happening


Performance Ready | Developing Your Script

Connection and Rapport

This Blog Post is long overdue.

Developing a script is not easy.

It is a miracle any of us arrive at what could be considered a creative presentation for routines when you consider we were not trained in the craft of script writing.

Script Writing is a Craft.

Consider for a moment how much we have to learn:

  • Reading the routines from Books
  • Deciding this is a routine worthy of our time.
  • Mastering difficult sleight of hand.
  • Testing our routines with very basic descriptive Patter.

Creating Patter for my routines was tough at the very beginning – I just didn’t know what to say beyond the classic phrase “pick-a-card-any-card”.

That phrase is the beginning of our script writing training.

My friend Mark Morris asked me to share my thoughts on this topic. I must be honest and say my thoughts about scripting has taken me forever to cultivate and I am still working on this.

What I can share with you all with some semblance of knowledge and experience are some guidelines to get you all started.

Ok, here we go:

Start off by creating a big note book just to write down ideas.


You don’t keep a journal?

Stop that nonsense and go purchase a Moleskin.

Keeping a journal is a gymnasium for your mind and imagination.

Are you kidding me?

   Classic Plots and Premise

This image is the inspiration behind some of my favourite routines and plots.

This is the foundation for all of my presentations.

So, get started, please.

Next, cultivate an interest in something other than card magic.

I love Photography, Traveling, Walking, Observing, Films, Hitchcock, Spielberg,  James Bond, Batman, Star Wars, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer 24, I am learning more about History particularly The Second World War and…LEGO.

I am student of Landmark Education, Personal Development, Dale Carnagie, Anthony Robbins and Napoleon Hill.

Many of these subjects have played a big part in my script writing.

Oh Yes…

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this book.


This book is THE PLAY BOOK on how screen writers craft their Oscar winning projects.

I purchased this book because I was inspired by the fact that Darwin Ortiz thought so highly of it.

If you think the presentations for my routines are any good, its only because I spend more time now on script and premise than I do learning routines – I have enough routines to last the rest of my life.

My performances now are all about bonding and connecting with my audience. (more…)

London Card Expert

Performance Ready | Audience Reaction

In a previous post I asked “why do we do this”.

This has been on my mind a lot.

A recent performance I gave during my one man show provided all the answers I needed.

Sit back and enjoy this video, we have a lot to discuss in this blog post.

This post and performance is dedicated to my dear friend Jason Ladanye.

He is the best card man I have seen in the last 15 years.

While my opinion is subjective, my evaluation of Jason and his creative out put is based on spending time with him, enjoying his thought process, his technical ability, watching him perform to lay people and plus the fact I like him as a person.

Card Magic by Jason

I mention Jason in the context of this blog post because the routine in this video is his glorious creation.

It is called Lucky Charms.

Now, back to the point of this post – audience reaction.

This is the reason why we perform magic.


There was a time when we all once gasped in total astonishment.

I can remember vividly when Alan Alan stunned me with his Rising Card.

I sat next to Slydini in awe.

I was completely blown away by Tommy Wonder, Albert Goshman, Fred  Kaps, Harry Lorayne, Cy Endfield. And I am talking blown away by the feeling of magic.

It was uncanny, for a brief moment, I felt magic was real.

This video performance reminded me why I do magic.

It is my duty to give my audience the absolute best experience of magic I am capable of. 

Anything less and I consider myself a failure.

In watching this video, it reminded me of the responsibility I have and the privilege of being a magician.

To give this gift away is a wonderful thing.

I must be honest and say when I was younger my ego was in overdrive – my performance was all about “ME”.

Now, it’s about creating a synergistic partnership with my audience.

I see my audience as my collaborators in my show.

Together, WE create the experience and atmosphere of magic.

It is imperative that we have at our disposal the strongest material possible.

We must also present our magic with a stylish, authentic and dignified presentation.

If you are serious about presenting strong magic then study the classic books, watch my DVDs, study the work of Darwin Ortiz and Jason Ladanye.

Jason’s new book is called GAME CHANGER.

Gamer Changer

Click on the image above or here to order your copy

Think about your magic for a moment, ask yourself honestly if your magic produces astonishment for your audience?

Now astonishment is not the same as amusement or curiosity, no, it is that child like state of wonder, enchantment and the feeling that comes with it is magical.

Astonishment is our natural state.  

Our job as magicians is to open that door within our audience.

We are the key that unlocks that feeling and set it it free.

Our audience will thank us in the only way they feel compelled to – a standing ovation.

Thank you for reading.