Lebanon – A Magical Community

I am currently enjoying a week long break in Lebanon. My friend Pascal El Hakim created this possibility for me to be here.

So far, my experience has been simply fantastic.

Two nights ago I conducted my Master Class. This was and is a five hour conversation about my philosophy, attitude and approach to Sleight of Hand Magic.

I shared with the delegates stories and lessons from my teachers who shaped my thought process and supported me in becoming the magician I am today.

What I discovered was a community hungry and thirsty for knowledge. They ate up the information I shared. One young man was brave enough to come to the front and perform. He asked me about performance anxiety.

I told him the only way to cure this was to…….PERFORM.

And he did.

He experienced a breakthrough for himself.


Pascal and I took the time to record a video for our community world wide. This will be shared on this website very soon.

Lebanon is a fascinating county. I have been treated very well. I feel at home.

Even though I am on the road, I still do my daily drills.

Practice is very important to me.

With a five hour lecture presentation, there is no certainty that my technique will be in point with such a duration of time speaking.

My daily practice, even on the road gives me a chance at meeting my performance ready and in good shape.

The delegates enjoyed The Sting and The Prestige. Videos to follow.

Thanks for reading.

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