Essential Secrets

The study of card magic is a very deep subject. More books exist now than ever before.

New students are overwhelmed.

The information is broad, deep, complex and totally……..STUNNING.

I have studied this subject for forty years. My books were glorious and still inspire me today.

The Royal Road to Card Magic set the bar for excellence. Expert Card Technique, Revolutionary Card Magic and Erdnase’s classic, The Expert at the Card Table, provided me with everything I would ever need to be a competent and effective entertainer with a deck of cards.

Obviously, my studies in this subject introduced me other books, authors and experts whose work fulled my passion. These were and still are great.

Study the classic I say; master the Essential Secrets of Card Magic.

The Essential Secerts forms a foundation of workability, integrity and will provide an access where you, the student, can forge your own technical and artistic identity.

Here is a video to enjoy.

I discuss my favourite books on card magic and a few books on general magic.

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