Classic Routines | Showtime Preparation

It’s showtime tonight.

I am in the coffee shop with my Mother enjoying breakfast and thinking about tonight’s performance.


Questions going through my mind.

What routines would I like to share?

What needs to happen in order for me to feel like a champion?

This is a little game play with myself. It gets me thinking about the performance, my routines and my audience.

It’s at The Magic Circle.

4 Tables
4 Magicians
Runtime: 20 minutes per table.

Think about that.

What routines can you perform in 20 minutes that will make you feel like a champion and have your audience thinking and feeling YOU are the best magician they have ever seen.

I love this enquiry because it forces me out of my comfort zone and look at my repertoire.

Where am I playing safe?

What routines measure up to this high standard of artistry?

Am I willing to be comfortable with the uncertainty of failure happening.

These questions anchor me into a powerful unmessable stand for technical and artistic self expression.

Here we go:

My main set;

The Hold Up
My Rope Routine
Slydini’s Knotted Silks
Coins & Cylinder
Lucky Charms

This is my Act.

My stand by extras are:

12 The Hard Way
The Unholy Three

The Ultimate Topsy Turvy Aces + The Ultimate Travelers

Cards & Poker Chips
The Metamorphosis
The Empanada

Three Card Monte
The Prestige

These extras will dovetail in between my main set because the lay out of the Tables require a different energy and focus. My routines have been chosen to fit the context of the venue and my criteria for full blown self expression.

This blog post is about MIND SET.

Thinking Right
Feeling Right
Acting Right

I will follow up with a post show analysis.

Thanks for reading.

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