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Time now is 12:33 am.

I just got home and relaxed.

My post show analysis begins and flows through this Blog Post in real time.

Tonight was a lot of fun; seriously, this was top draw fun, magical expression, laughter and astonishment.


I learnt a lot tonight.

I have Michael Skinner and Darwin Ortiz to thank. Our conversations in the past were present to me tonight.

In my dressing room, I had all my props out and ready to present the act I had in mind.

I was working with three other magicians, so, as usual, there was a pre-show check up to ensure no duplication of material.

Two of my colleagues featured routines which were similar in props used and effects to my material.

Keep in mind, if there is the slightest similarity in effect, I will drop an item from my Set.


Simple; I do not want the audience that sees me, compare anything I do in my show that is even remotely connected to the last magician they saw. This will diminish the impact of my performance if their mental energy is busy comparing my performance with what they just experienced.

I dropped Slydini’s Knotted Silks and my Cards and Poker Chips Routine.

I presented the following Routines:

The Hold Up

My Rope Routine

A Monologue about Robert Houdin

The Changeling

Closed my Show with Houdin’s Metamorphosis.

Special thanks to Liam Ball for capturing these images during my show.

Tonight, I was working to a large audience on each table.

Each group was four rows deep – at least 25 people per group.

This meant no close up magic on the table.

My entire presentation was stand up.

I had to play BIG for the third and fourth rows of people.

My choice of material ensured that EVERYONE could appreciate my magic and self expression.

Anything on the table would have been wasted on the third and fourth rows.

Cylinder & Coins was left out of my Set.

I always check the numbers in attendance.

This gives me a measure of how BIG I need to PROJECT MY ENERGY.

I am grateful to Michael Skinner – he inspired me to develop a LARGE repertoire.

I am glad I listened to him.

It gives me flexibility, fluidity and power.

It means, I can redesign my show right at the venue to fit the context and situation.

The third table allowed me a little more room because it was not as big as the two tables upstairs. It was still a large group, however, I felt I could play it a little more intimate. 

On this table, my Set featured:

Immagination Coins

The Chinese Connection

The Three Card Monte

The Prestige to close –

It was a perfect choice of material for this specific group.

So, I left out Coins & Cylinder and The Knotted Silks.

Nothing lost because my other material was ultra strong.

On the last table, I featured my Set from the first two tables and closed with Lucky Charms.

Lucky Charms was the jewel in the crown.

This brought the house down.

So, this Post Show Analysis has taught me about the value of flexibility, fluidity, creative intention, a large repertoire and most importantly, as a professional, I must remain at all times, committed with zero attachment to how things should or must look.

Do I feel like a champion?





Thanks for reading, I hope you get value from this conversation.

Please, leave comment, this is a live conversation.


Mike ♣️❤️♠️♦️


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