Denis Behr | Hand Crafted Master

These books are modest in comparison to some.

Thin, slim and yet, HUGE, in content.

I love the work of Denis Behr.

Superb effects, rigorous analysis which I love and integrity towards moving our subject forward.

No watered down effects, just good strong magic with an efficient methodology that gets the job done.

Easy, difficult to execute?

Who cares?

If you are passionate about card magic, you will not be disappointed with these books.

Volume 3 of Hand Crafted Card Magic is out, my copy has arrived and already I am blown away by the sheer quality of the material.

A few ideas have already improved routines I am currently performing. The purpose of new books is not new material, it’s ideas that improve what I already  know.

This is how I think now.

These books by Denis really do expand our thinking in new ways. Even if you cannot find a place for these ideas, they are filed away in the cabinet of our mental data base until inspiration strikes.

These are the moments I live for.

Take a look at this video.

I know that I will never perform Herbert.

This is his creation.

It doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate good work when I see it. This version of Herbert combined with The Haunted Deck is simply delightful in his hands.

Certain routines look right and work for certain types of performers. Denis has a very off beat style, mixed with a deep intellect and stunning under the radar execution.


Big congratulations to Denis for sharing this great books with us.

Our craft is little better off with him in it.

Thanks for reading


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