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Dai Vernon’s Inner Secrets of Card Magic is a series of books all aspiring Card Magicians must read and study.

Matching The Cards is a classic routine.

It was first published in Inner Secrets Volume 1.

I remember reading it and thinking, this is great effect; very strong and yet, I just did not feel comfortable with Vernon’s handling procedure.

Read the book again if you have to, this will help you to appreciate my point of view.

I learnt it exactly as described by Lewis Ganson. Keep in mind, this was right at the very beginning of my journey – I was around 15 when I started studying the work of Dai Vernon.

Learning this routine exactly as taught was part of my education. It taught me how a great mind like Vernon approached this plot.

I became comfortable with Vernon’s handling, performed it a lot and had good success with it.

Through the years, I would encounter many different approaches to this plot. Different handlings that appealed to me more without compromising the effect. This is important because choosing a different handling must be done without compromising the effect or impact.

Strangely enough by the early 1990s, The Vernon Chronicles were published in Four Volumes and I just loved his routine A Match Made in Cincinnati.

The Study Continues

This approach is the basis of a handling I enjoy using today. I have made a few subtle embellishments to this procedure and the routine is fantastic.

The plot comes from Magician Makes Good from a very old book called Magicians Tricks and How they are Done. So it has a very long history.

The ultimate expression of this plot is the wonderful innovation by Darwin Ortiz. It is called 12 The Hard Way. It’s the same effect, it just has a much larger scope and impact, it truly is magnificent.

This version of the plot features virtually everything that is good about card magic.

It has:

A revelation of a selected card
A demonstration of unbelievable skill
Correcting a mistake
A magical transformation

This routine covers all basis, it is a perfect performance piece.

Let’s enjoy a video performance of 12 The Hard Way.

At this stage of my life, I have come full circle. I have gone done the rabbits hole in search of a nirvana in card magic. I discovered that this special place was already home. This is a journey we all go through.

It is part of our quest.

We have to go on this journey in order to appreciate the arrival home.

The home I speak of is SIMPLICITY.

Complicated effects are no longer a part of my repertoire. Studying the work of Dai Vernon has taught me how to strip away the inessentials. all that should remain is a pure expression of magic. Matching the Cards is a perfect piece of of card magic with a great premise and stunning climax. As you have seen, 12 The Hard Way is an elaborate expression of this plot.

Thanks for reading

Stay tune, my next classic routine is a masterpiece of construction, design, and impact.



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