Good Bye to Marc and Simon


What a mystery.


Heart Beats.

How many left?

I said good by to two dear friends.

Marc Plant and Simon Aronson.

I am shocked and saddened because both have left so unexpectedly.

All I can say is, it was a pleasure and privilege to have known them.

Marc was the only one I saw who perfected the card flourish Curley Cue created by Paul Harris.

Take a look at this video.

Marc was a wonderful personality and friend..

The death of Simon Aronson came out of the blue.
I just got home from doing my One Man Show in Knightsbridge.
As I always do after a show, I sit quietly and review the entire performance in my mind.
This time, with a heavy heart.
My thoughts turned to Simon’s wife Ginny.
Simon and Ginny
What must she be feeling and going through?
Simon and Ginny have been together forever.
That’s how close they were.
It must be difficult beyond measure for her right now.
Social Media is full of tributes about Simon and rightly so.
His contribution to magic has been creatively impeccable, matched with stunning performances.
I am so happy I got to become friends with him.
He challenged me big time to strive for the impossible and not to settle.
He told me to keep my mind open for new possibilities, don’t be trapped by past based thinking and idea.
Striving for the impossible was Simons way, his approach.
He exhausted all possibilities until he found his ideal expression.
His routine look and feel impossible given everything we know and magic.
This is the point.
Simons Magic leaves you feeling intelligently aware that what you just experienced cannot possibly happen…….not in our reality.
In Simon’s world, his side kick Mergle kept pushing him to create beyond the current trends.
Michael Vincent Uses His Imagination
The Aronson Approach has now become the watch word for a magical ideal that will forever be a part of our academic conversation.
This is Simon’s legacy to us all.
Michael Vincent x

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