Performance Ready | Classic Plots

As part of preparing for a successful performance, choosing the right material is very important.

Take a look at this drawing.

             Classic Plots and Premise

I was going through my note book and saw this entry from a few years back.

I got present to something.

My material hasn’t changed much.

I am still presenting the same routines as I did from eight years ago.

What I find interesting is the variations on these basic plots.

Lets break it down:


Matching The Cards 


Card to Impossible Location

The Four Ace Assembly

Do As I Do

Multiple Location 

Any Card At Any Number 

Skill Demonstrations

Psychic Demonstrations and Mind Reading 

That’s it, my entire repertoire of Card Magic.

Now, what keeps it all interesting are the variations and different handlings I have for different performing situations.

           Victory Loves Preparation

So, my question to you all is, where are you getting your inspiration from?

What books are you reading and studying?

Guess what?

Your will not find your personal repertoire from You Tube or the latest download.

It will be found in the old books.

There are more secrets in the old books than you will ever find on You Tube.

A few years ago, I gave a talk on my favourite books, I am sharing this video here in the hope it inspires you.

This is a short blog post and yet, I feel it contains a few hidden secrets.

You don’t need much to win the crowd

I hope you have managed to read between the lines.

Thanks for reading


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