Scripting, Delivery & Presentation.

It’s a wonderful feeling to stand up and entertain an audience.

This has been my goal for the last twenty years.

In the year 2000, I decided to really focus on becoming a competent and effective entertainer with magic.

It has been a challenging journey because the Magician I was twenty years ago was full of standard jokes and silly lines.

I knew what was required.

I needed to write my own scripts.

This meant understanding deeply the power of context, premises and the emotional content in each routine. I spent time researching different topics, looking for key phrase, particularly in the area of Gambling. Gambling routines now feature heavily in my work.

I am not a naturally funny person so I don’t even try to be. I work with the humour at hand and try to develop my script into something interesting and meaningful.

My delivery has been designed to project a competent and effective personality. I practice my script, I rehearse everything because victory is the flip side of preparation.

If there is one thing that has helped me, it has been my interest in the world and people. Having conversations about different subjects, listening actively to learn something and asking provocative questions.

I also read a lot of books on different subjects, just to keep my mind active and elastic.

This is a good practice because my brain makes some very interesting connections. This is what is required when crafting an original script.

The result will be a presentation which my audience will find engaging and hopefully experience me as an interesting and authentic personality.

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