3 Michals: Magic in Poland

Magic in Poland is becoming a habit.

I have just returned home from Poland – this was my second visit and it was amazing. I really love presenting Magic in Poland this is why I accepted the invitation to return.

My friend Michal Kulik invited me over to present my new Lecture “Synergy” for The Krakow Magic Session.

Michal and his partner, Michal Skubida, have been running these events for the last few years. Their goal is to raise the standard of magic in Poland.

Magic in Polabd
Skubida & Kulik

I was privileged to be guest of honour and to present my show to the public as part of the weekend event.

Firstly, I presented my lecture to a full room of enthusiastic magicians. It’s amazing to me how far my reach in the world has become just through social media. All of these magicians were familiar with my work.

Magic in Poland
The Vincent Academy Class of Krakow

The following day was my four hour masterclass and it was a full on training for ten magicians. Everyone performs, no exceptions. With everyone performing, it means we can all provide creative feedback.

My Seminars are different to a Lecture. Seminars are about self improvement where as a Lecture is about imparting information. Students then have to take notes and apply that information to their data base of knowledge.

The Seminar is a safe space to receive feedback about style, technique, audience rapport and projection.

I was very impressed with everyone.

Magic in Poland

The evening show feature myself, Kulik and Skubida – one show, three magicians all called Michał – Polish Spelling.-

The Show was great and well received.

Magic in Poland Magic on Poland

I really like Krakow and its people – I celebrated my birthday there so it was a perfect week away mixed with fun, snow and full blown magic.

I came away with a renewed sense of optimism about my life and craft and the direction I intend to take things in.

I plan on returning to Poland before the end of the year to see my friends.

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