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Connection and Rapport

This Blog Post is long overdue.

Developing a script is not easy.

It is a miracle any of us arrive at what could be considered a creative presentation for routines when you consider we were not trained in the craft of script writing.

Script Writing is a Craft.

Consider for a moment how much we have to learn:

  • Reading the routines from Books
  • Deciding this is a routine worthy of our time.
  • Mastering difficult sleight of hand.
  • Testing our routines with very basic descriptive Patter.

Creating Patter for my routines was tough at the very beginning – I just didn’t know what to say beyond the classic phrase “pick-a-card-any-card”.

That phrase is the beginning of our script writing training.

My friend Mark Morris asked me to share my thoughts on this topic. I must be honest and say my thoughts about scripting has taken me forever to cultivate and I am still working on this.

What I can share with you all with some semblance of knowledge and experience are some guidelines to get you all started.

Ok, here we go:

Start off by creating a big note book just to write down ideas.


You don’t keep a journal?

Stop that nonsense and go purchase a Moleskin.

Keeping a journal is a gymnasium for your mind and imagination.

Are you kidding me?

   Classic Plots and Premise

This image is the inspiration behind some of my favourite routines and plots.

This is the foundation for all of my presentations.

So, get started, please.

Next, cultivate an interest in something other than card magic.

I love Photography, Traveling, Walking, Observing, Films, Hitchcock, Spielberg,  James Bond, Batman, Star Wars, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer 24, I am learning more about History particularly The Second World War and…LEGO.

I am student of Landmark Education, Personal Development, Dale Carnagie, Anthony Robbins and Napoleon Hill.

Many of these subjects have played a big part in my script writing.

Oh Yes…

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this book.


This book is THE PLAY BOOK on how screen writers craft their Oscar winning projects.

I purchased this book because I was inspired by the fact that Darwin Ortiz thought so highly of it.

If you think the presentations for my routines are any good, its only because I spend more time now on script and premise than I do learning routines – I have enough routines to last the rest of my life.

My performances now are all about bonding and connecting with my audience.

I believe my premises, script and delivery are the missing link along with my desire to honestly express my point of view.

A good script comes right after understanding the premise for my routines.

Only then can I start researching ideas, making notes in my journal and then crafting a formation of words into an elegant presentation.

One of my favourite routines is Pandora’s Paradox.

Enjoy this video – listen to every word that I speak.

This is an old video, however, I will share a new video very soon. You will see how my script has developed.

Thank you for reading, please, leave a comment.


Michael x

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  1. If you haven’t already….you may like some books by James Allen(As a man thinketh) or Manly P Hall—-I feel like the occult is the true magic of our souls

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