Roy Walton

A Gentle Man of Magic
A Gentle Man of Magic

It has been a sad week, Roy Walton has passed away.

Only the night before at The Magic Circle Book Club, we were paying tribute to his work by discussing The Complete Walton Volume 1.

As many of you know, this is a fantastic collection of car magic.

The original pamphlets had no drawings, just written text, communicated in manner which took for granted you knew your way around a deck of cards.

Roy Walton
A very young Roy Walton – Image copyright Alan Alan Estate, Chris Wood & Michael Vincent 2014/2020

The following Tuesday morning, I got a message that Roy had passed away in his sleep.

In many respects, our tribute of Roy’s Book was perfect and yet, bitter sweet.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him and talk magic.

The image above I was able to create on a weekend trip to Glasgow and I am very proud of that.

Roy’s Books and contributions to various magazine will be an enduring legacy for all future generations of magicians and lovers of elegantly crafted card magic.





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