A New Vision | Hope and Possibility

My time here in Lebanon has given me the opportunity to rest, relax and just be.

The image above was created by my friend Tino a very talented Photographer. As I look at it, I can see a man who has experienced a lot of life, people, relationships and yet, I still feel the story is incomplete.

This is just a moment in time.

There is more to create, share, express and love – I feel this.

My friend Pascal is one of the most loving and genourouse people I have ever known.

He has taught me the value of true friendship and Love.

We have enjoyed great magic, food and conversations about everything.

Our video conversation opened up some interesting points that will support me in creating new things. I was able to unlock what is really important to me.

Values change as we get older.

Somethings are no longer important like they once were.

Friendship, Happiness, Magic, My Camera, giving and receiving Love, that’s it for me.






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