The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is one of the most prestigious societies in the world.

It was founded in 1905 by a group of amateur magicians. The initial intention was to create a meet up for like minded magicians to discuss magic. It’s very first president was the celebrated magician David Devant.

Joining The Magic Circle

The magic circleI joined The Magic Circle in 1983, this was the year that I achieved the first of my three close-up magician of the year awards. What made this achievement special was not only did I achieve the coveted title, my performance was examined for full membership. Every magician must pass an official examination before being accepted into the ranks. So at this time, my degree was M.M.C – Member of the Magic Circle. Within a few month of 1983, my degree was promoted to A.I.M.C – Associate of The Inner Magic Circle wth Silver Star.

At Home with The Magic Circle

My promotion came about because I was one of the feature performers at the monthly events put on by the The Magic Circle. These events were called “At Home with The Magic Circle”. This was a monthly event where members of the public could visit our club and be treated to an evening with us. Enjoy good wine, refreshments, visit our museum and experience magic close-up and then see the evening Stage Show. This was my training ground throughout the 1980s and 90s.

Now in 2016, these events have expanded into a more formal event which really showcases The very best talent the Magic Circle has to offer. I still feature in these show band I gave yo say, I love appearing in them. My enthusiasm for them and entertaining the public is still as passionate as ever.

Member of the Magic Circle with Star Award

magic circleMy degree now M.I.M.C with Star. I am very proud of this honour because it came as an acknowledgement from the President David Berglas back in 1991. This is the highest degree possible next to being a life member – which I am.

My membership in The Magic Circle means the world to me, it carries dignity and prestige. I feel like I am standing on the shoulders of all the great British Magicians who made the club that I enjoy today. I love the older members, they were kind to me growing up, they told me stories about John Ramsay, Edward Victor, David Nixon, Al Koran, great British Magicians.

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