New Products for 2013

I am fast at work on creating some new items for Michael Vincent Magic, one of which is the release of my exclusive routine “The Ultimate Travelers”. If you haven’t seen the video, please check it out below. You will see why I am so excited about the release of this new routine. I have used the last three years to fine tune the handling and presentation and what you have is as close to perfect as is possible with this beautiful effect – I really hope you enjoy it as much I have.

Also coming soon will be the next Mastering Magic Seminar- The Super Session, please visit the site for more information about this exciting One Day Seminar.

Thank you for supporting Michael Vincent Magic – this will be my new home for relevant information regarding my professional shows, my online store and latest up to date news about my public performances.

I look forward to serving you throughout 2013.

Happy new year to you all

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