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Magic Lessons With My Mentors and How It Inspired My Career

magic lessonsI came into Magic during the mid 1970s and started taking magic lessons then – I would not change this period for magic in the 21st century for anything. Back then, magic was seen either live or on television. I saw David Nixon, Doug Henning, Ricky Jay, Fred Kaps, Richardi Jnr and the legendary Slydini all on television. This experience inspired me to want to study magic.

I went to my local library and got some excellent books to read on magic, namely:

  • The Royal Road to Card Magic
  • Modern Magic
  • Close-up Card Magic
  • Decksterity
  • The Magic Book

These books served me well during those years. What made this period of time special was the simple fact that I had time to read and study without any distraction. Videos, DVDs and online tutorials was way off into the future. It would only be a few years before video would make its way into my life and alter my learning discipline. I hope that I still get a large percentage of my knowledge from reading good quality books.

Since I started the Vincent Academy, one of the questions I ask new students is, ” what books are you reading“? This questions reveals a lot to me about new students taking my programs.

If they are not reading, they are getting their information from The internet or DVDs.

To read a book requires patience, discipline, and intellect effort. It is easy to watch a DVD and think you are learning. Watching a DVD requires no participation – all you need is time.

Reading activates all the internal faculties of the brain, mind and imagination. This is the beginning of creativity.

magic lessonsThere is nothing inherently wrong with watching a DVD or sourcing the internet, if it is your only access to learning magic then so be it. It is what it is – many fine magicians have come through learning this way. What I am standing for is the joy of study through reading, this practice can enrich your appreciation of magic along with discovering some hidden gems between the pages of a book.

I encourage all of my students to create working and practical balance of 70% to 30% between reading and watching. At least this will keep the brain and mind supple and elastic.

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