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I practice everywhere.

Coffee Shops, on Buses and Trains. I am writing this blog post on the train.

I just enjoyed a random encounter with a lovely lady.

She saw me shuffling and said. “Practicing your tricks are you”?

“Yes mam” I said

I then executed my Favourite Colour Change.
Her gasp and laughter stopped the whole train carriage.

We chatted; turns out it was her birthday, 70 years young and she looked good for it.

I gave her my card and signed “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.
She said it was her first birthday card of the day.

The point of this story is to share one very important point of view. It is my belief that we are needed more than ever.

We magicians need to kill our egos and get out there and share our magic with the world.

Some of my most meaningful encounters took place outside of my professional contexts

My coffee shop is my testing ground. My friends from The BBC Radio 4 are my testing audience. Most days it’s showtime.

Don’t be shy.

We only have one life to live.

None of us are leaving his gig alive.

We represent the possibility of transforming the world one person at a time.

This is the power of magic.

The lady I met today represents a possibility for me.

She is six degrees of separation from my most lucrative engagement – you just never know where things can lead. This is the law of positive Karma.

Thanks for reading.

Mike ♣️❤️♠️♦️

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