Sharing and Collaboration

When I engage in a session with other Card Men, the thing I look for is passion for magic and their ability to share and collaborate.

I have just returned home from a wonderful time in Lebanon. This is where time got distorted, the edges between the work I was hired to provide and the time spent playing, sharing and enjoying became blurred.

Pascal El Hakim

My friend Pascsl and I enjoyed a great time at the card table. We shared and discussed in great detail many topics on technique, presention and THE BIG WHY.

So many topics covered and yet, there was room for much more.

Session with Rody

Roderick and I enjoyed our own Session on Mastering the Essential Secrets. I have great faith in him, he showed a stunning aptitude for what I taught and was thrilled by how responsive he was to my ideas.

Pascal and Roderick inspired me.

We shared a love for classic books and discussed the content with a rigorous   mindset. One effect in particular is a stunning effect from Darwin Ortiz.

I may share the video of the performance, may be not, because we felt only our best work should be shared online.

The video of Darwin’s effect is powerful and it provided us with further information for an expansive discussion.

So, if you are reading this, please consider; choose carefully who you spend time with. Your education and progress in magic will be in direct proportion to the expectation of your peer group.

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