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This Post is Dedicated to my friend and mentor Darwin Ortiz.

When I first read this routine as a fourteen years old, I could hardly hold a deck of cards in my hand.

Just so that I could visualise the effect, I placed each of the four aces in my jacket pocket and stood in front of my mirror. I began to feel inspired by the possibility as I removed each ace from four different pockets.

The reality of reading and attempting to learn Dai Vernon’s routine from Stars of Magic (another outstanding contribution) left me with an uncomfortable feeling.

What I read did not match the feeling I had when I placed the Aces in my pocket.

Keep in mind, at that time; I wanted to see the visual picture. Or at the very least, try and understand what the audience where supposed to see and feel.

Four Aces placed into the deck and then removed from four different pockets.

That is what the audience is supposed see with their eyes, believe with the utmost conviction and feel with their hearts.

“This is a gorgeous, beautiful illusion of impossibility”.

Dai Vernon presented us with an inspired vision.

The reality of his routine in Stars of Magic is far from the vision I saw in my mind as a 14 year old.

I gave up and did not think about the routine again for many years. I was having too much fun with Francis Carlyle’s Homing Card.

Quite frankly, this routine, in my mind was and is a far better expression of Card(s) to Pocket than Travelers. One Card, One Pocket, repeated three times with a killer show stopping finish.

End of story….

That was the end of Travelers for me for at least 30 years……No Kidding

My interest in this routine was brought back to life by Darwin Ortiz.

Darwin Ortiz

In 2002, Darwin published his outstanding book Scams & Fantasies.

Scams & Fantasies
Stunning Book

This book features Darwin’s approach to Travelers – it is called The Hitchcock Travelers.

I learnt this routine, practiced hard, made a few adjustments and for the first time, I presented a fantastic version of Travelers -this routine is truly inspiring.

It generated the level of response I knew this plot could.

So began an intensive study and rigorous analysis of Travelers to fully understand why.

I am delighted to share that I made a few wonderful discoveries about this routine. Not only that, I spent two years, exploring not only Travelers but Cards to Pocket as a concept.

All of my thoughts were documented into a book entitled The Ultimate Travelers which was released in 2013.

A Comprehensive Dissertation

Now, this blog post is not about exposing or sharing what I have already documented. It is about why I now have a very strong affection for this routine.

I love this routine.

It supported me in understanding more about designing a miraculous effect. In fact, Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz played a very significant role in this creative journey.

Two years of study, research and development went it this. I came out the other end with an enlightened awareness about magic, the construction of a perfect Illusion, how lay people think and my own creative potential.

I noticed the seed was planted when I was just a boy, but not having any skill at that time allowed me to dream and wonder. Once I embarked on this journey, I experienced a committed drive to solve this riddle and come up with a performance ready interpretation that even Dai Vernon would applaud.

I solved the riddle – I have a routine I am proud of and it is a fooler.

Take a moment to enjoy this video of my routine.

Now that you have seen the routine, what do you think?

How did you feel?

What have you learnt?

This Blog is about awakening your potential, mine is already open, share please.

Before signing off, I must be honest and say that this routine was a technical and psychological challenge. Yes, my ego was very happy at solving it.

However, much more than that, my ego has been crushed by my desire to share it with an audience and in the process, make them care.

Ultimately, making the audience care and feel good during the process of a performance is the only thing that matters.

Now, this is first time I am offering a sales pitch on one of my post.

If you are interested in studying my thoughts on this effect, for a time limited period, I am making my book available to you.

Click on the button below and then follow the instructions to complete your order.

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