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Card Magic Vs Magical Skill

My post yesterday generated a lot of positive feedback. Big thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts.

In reading through my notes, I realised this particular conversation is incomplete. Rightly so because Cutting The Aces is a big subject.

The routine by Dai Vernon is a presentation masterpiece.

The handling described in Stars of Magic is easy and functional.

If you have read The Vernon Chronicals, you will no doubt have come across his Unadulterated Cutting The Aces – this is the version he actually used. This is the handling procedure I actually use if I am not presenting Harry Lorayne’s Card Shark & Four Gamblers.

Ok; the point of today’s post is to address this classic plot when working with a borrowed shuffled deck in use.

How does one present Cutting The Aces without first removing them?

This is a very important question because how this question has been answered had produced some stunning routines.

Take a moment to watch and enjoy this wonderful interpretation by Bill Malone.

You will notice in this performance several decks are introduced and the spectator opens any deck, shuffles it and then, Bill recreates Scarne’s Aces.

This is simply perfect.

Forget about how it might have been accomplished.

Just know that Bill Malone is a fantastic card man and performer. His execution and presentation was and still is world class. This performance is as good as it gets.

What I learnt from this performance is the simple fact that the spectator must shuffle the deck before the routine begins. This sets the context for this version.

There are many ways to achieve this outcome. I will not mention any further routines, I will say, study the old books, think, visualise your perfect routine.

How do you want your version to look and feel?

Will it feel authentic?

Will your audience feel the impossibility of what you are doing?

Cutying The Aces is one of my favourite plots in card magic and I have many ways of achiveing this effect.

Study and Expression

To study this plot is a beautiful meditation. I find it most inspiring.

I recently came up with a version which I am currently enjoying. I will share a video soon.

For now, think about this question.

What needs to happen to make your version of Cutting The Aces a comprehensive miracle?

Good luck, thanks for reading.

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