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Welcome to a new series of blog post dedicated to classic routines. I would like to start off with this wonderful premise of Cutting The Aces.

I was first exposed to this plot from reading Dai Vernon’s brilliant interpretation from Stars of Magic.

Once again, I am referencing a book that has had a profound impact on my life and education.

Education is an appropriate word because this book features the most wonderful magic and each routine teaches so many lessons on construction, design, misdirection, patter, plot, premise and presentation.

This particular version is interesting because it begins with the Aces being inserted into the deck and then the magician cuts to each Aces with one hand.

Let’s stop for a moment and think about this.

Why remove the Aces from the deck only to re-insert them and find them?

As a young boy this felt really odd to me. I had no alternative procedure and it took many years before I could solve this dilemma.

I made a discovery, if the Aces are on the table from a previous routine, I can then seque straight into this routine with no problem. It worked beautifully. I used the presentation provided in Stars of Magic about a One Armed Gambler. It taught me a lot about context, establishing an emotional hook and giving the audience a reason to care.

During my late teens, I purchased a copy of Reputation Makers by Harry Lorayne.

This STUNNING book featured a fantastic version of this plot. I like this routine more simply because it features a great story, a premise very similar to Magician Vs Gambler and stunning moments occur throughout the presentation.

Card Routines don’t come any better

If you ever wanted a routine that is theatrical, visually stunning, engaging, emotional with a stunning climax this routine covers all bases.

Harry took Vernon’s routine and amplified all of the dramatic elements, added even more stunning moments and gave us a true impromptu classic. Yes, impromptu, you start clean and end clean with a borrowed shuffle deck in use.

This routine has been in my repertoire since I was fifteen, I still perform it to this day. I do not perform this for magicians simply because…………it’s too good.

I will leave you now to appreciate Harry Lorayne’s stunning performance.

This is The Cardshark & The Four Gamblers, enjoy.

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