The Value of Your Peer Group

This is the most important blog I will write. I say this because it is the most critical element in becoming a master magician.

Picture the scene; I walked into The Magic Spot owned by Alan Alan as a fourteen year old. I was fascinated with the magic books he had on sale.

Alan was the only one out of all the magic shops in London who took an active interest in me as a person and my interest in learning magic.

Keep in mind how young I was – 14 years old.

Through him, I would come face to face with movie director Cy  Endfield. He would have big impact on my life and I would be friends with him right up to his death.

Harry Lorayne, Derek Dingle and my greatest inspiration Slydini would be mentors that would show me a path I could take in life that would be extraordinary.

Anthony Robbins once said,

the qaulity of your life will be in direct proportion to the expectation of your peer group.

Read the again.

Once more…

The expectation of your peer group is a powerful influencer on your mind, behaviour and the results you can achieve.

For me, learning from Alan, forced me to work dam hard for approval. He was never satisfied with my work. I would leave his flat feeling like was the worst magician in the world. 

And yet, he introduced me to Slydini. Slydini gave me lessons. I spent four days in his company, something rubbed off on me.

Harry Lorayne is my hero.


I loved Harry – he was my best friend long before he knew I existed. I got his Magic Book from my Library.

Be a giver – NOT A TAKER

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