A Magical Collaboration

I am very happy to be writing this Blog Post on my Friend and magical artist Andy Field.

I first became aware of Andy through my mentor a Darwin Ortiz. Darwin and Andy have been friends for a while talking and sharing card magic. Eventually, Andy and I made contact and we have been friends for eight years.

Andy has impressed me and fooled me consistently with his incredible magic over the years. He has built his magic and business to such a fine degree. Let me state, he is one of the busiest professionals I know, covering a lot of the United Kindom.

Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath, Oxford, Birmingham, Felixstowe, Kent, Sussex are just some of the geography he has covered.

Andy’s magic features incredible and impeccably executed sleight of hand mixed with a cheeky and friendly approach to his audience. His natural charm and houmor immediately wins the crowd. I have seen him work and been blown away by his natural rapport with people.

His magic is incredible.

When Andy and I get together, our conversations inspire me. We are both committed to transforming the magical landscape.

Andy and I work together frequently and f you would like to hire both of us for your event please get in touch.

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