Flight Time: There is no Substitute for Experience 

There is no substitute for experience.

As a young boy practising magic, my mentor Alan Alan always stressed to me, “perform at every opportunity”.

I’m grateful for this advice, because I took it to heart.

I performed at every opportunity and for most of the shows, I was not paid a single penny.

The whole point was to condition of my nervous system so that I would not experience the fear, terror and trepidation of being in front of an audience.

Public Speaking is considered to be the number one fear for a lot of people, it is no different for magicians. In fact, it’s a lot worse because we have the additional worry and concern of ensuring we perform our tricks without exposing any secrets. And on top of that, we have to speak, tell jokes and entertain our audience, that is a lot to think about during the performance.

Technical confidence in front of our mirror is easy. Flight time and regular performances is the difference that will make the difference. Unconscious competencey can only be achieved with regular performances and post performance analysis. And then, getting back on the pitch and repeating the process.

This process of performing and refining is the key to building a strong performance mind set and muscle – confidence in ones own ability will flow from this. I know from experience the frustration I endured and the thoughts going through my mind that I will be never any good at this. It drove me mad, I stuck with it. Eventually, my audience became my best critic, they responded favourably or otherwise which told me I still had work to do, keep this line of patter in, this is a good trick, develop it.

Learning to listen to our audience is the key, they will not lie to us, their emotions and response is real.

If you choose to hire Michael Vincent Magic rest assured, you will be hiring a magician whose performing experience is second to none. He is a magician with a fearless attitude to the execution of his work and a heart full of passion for ensuring his audience has the ultimate experience of magic and entertainment.

Please get in touch we look forward to serving you and ensuring your event is truly memorable.

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