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Recently, I gave two very special presentations at The Magic Circle. The first subject was based on the work of Dai Vernon – “Vincent on Vernon” featuring my thoughts on his life and the legacy of his brilliant magic. This talk featured my handling and presentation of his routine “The Travelers”.

The second talk took place in The Magic Circle library and was a relaxed conversation on my favourite books in magic. This was a most enjoyable conversation for me and the group in attendance because it allowed me the opportunity to re-visit my past relationship to some wonderful books that still inspire me to this day.

I have decided to release these two presentations on a very special Two-Disc Special Edtion of my Teach-In Series. The DVD will be called “Michael Vincent in Conversation”.

Here is the ad copy to follow:

The Vincent Academy Presents:

Michael Vincent in Conversation
“Vincent on Vernon & My Favorite Books”

This new DVD from Michael Vincent is a departure from his regular Teach In Series.  This brand new project is all conversation with no real explanations of tricks. It features Michael in conversation, talking about his recent adventure revisiting the work and legacy of Dai Vernon.

The first DVD, “Vincent on Vernon” is his evaluation on Dai Vernon’s philosophy, thinking and the deconstruction and re engineering of Vernon’s classic effect “The Travelers”.  Michael performs his wonderful interpretation of “The Travelers”, his stand up “Twisting The Aces” and his own classic effect “The Intuition Speller”. While there are no explanations, there is a lot to learn and absorb from Michael’s point of view.

On the second DVD, “My Favorite Books”, he talks passionately about the magic books that inspired him and the great magicians he has been privileged to study with. This is a wonderful opportunity to eaves drop on his life and see the world of magic through his eyes during a time when videos, DVDs and the Internet weren’t even a consideration. 

The 1970s was a golden time for magic and for anyone fortunate enough to come into magic at that time. Michael shares his passion as he weaves a magical story about the time he first saw Slydini, how Paul Newman and Robert Redford impacted his young mind. Discover how Ed Marlo and The Dancing Cane competed for his attention. Learn how Robert Houdin and Harry Lorayne together created one of the most amazing techniques in card magic – 100 years apart. Discover Michael’s passion for the book he considers a post graduate course in cardmanship and mastery.

This DVD features some technical illustrations and performances to compliment this fascinating conversation. The Vincent Academy sincerely hopes that this new presentation inspires you and enriches your love and passion for the craft of magic.

This DVD is now available – Click here

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