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hiring a magicianMany years ago, the president of The Magic Circle, Michael Bailey, gave me some advice which completely transformed my relationship with clients when their in the process of hiring a magician.  He said to me, “you will never get paid what you are worth, you will be paid in relation to what you negotiate”.

This simple phrase killed my ego regarding the value I placed on myself as a professional magician.  While I still valued myself as a person, as an artist , my show etc, it transformed they way I communicated my value. No ego, no pretension, just a matter of fact conversation about the prospective event, customers budget parameters and reaching a successful negotiation.  A conversation on terms to be mutually agreed.

Wow, this was an extraordinary process for my young mind.

Now, how does this all relate to the current climate for the economical survival of magicians and the satisfaction of our clients?

What Is The True Cost of Hiring A Magician ?

Picture the scene, a prospect conducts a google search, “close-up magic for dinner parties”. Google then spews out millions of answers, along with professional Google Ads right at the very top of the page. The prospect then clicks away and views a flashy colorful website full of images, testimonials and videos all of which contribute to said magicians perceived level of prestige and value.

Our prospect then feels inspired to make some form of communication.  At this point our prospect has no idea what this magical service will cost, all he knows is:

  • He has a budget for entertainment
  • He desires some form of entertainment
  • The artist must be at a reasonably competent level – he must be otherwise what is the point?

Here comes the rub – no two magicians are likely to charge the same fee.

We all have a perceived impression of our value and attempt to communicate that value without losing the booking.

There just too many variables here to deal with when hiring a magician!

Choosing A World Class Magician

There are magicians now working at very low fees, just to get experience and in the main, they offer up a competent service.

You will find magicians who posses good skills in magic and presentation and they charge accordingly to their level.

Some magicians have real prestige; they may have appeared on television, entertained celebrities, royalty and cultivated a global audience. Their testimonials will speak volumes for the quality of their work. Once again, this will all be factored into the price a prospect “may” have to pay.

The Michael Vincent Experience

hiring a magicianIf you have come to this site and found this Blog, I Michael Vincent welcome you. As you have read through my thoughts, I hope you feel compelled to reach out and communicate with me, I just may be able to support you with your event. 

Now, how much am I likely to charge?

At this stage, especially in this written article, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to mention a figure. What is important to me is our conversation, our conversation will initiate our relationship. My commitment to you and our relationship will be such that I will give you my best professional effort to listen and understand your needs. I will then create a perfect and bespoke outcome for you and your event. Together, we will create the financial considerations that will leave us both happy. 

I believe a successful negotiation must leave both sides happy on terms to be mutually agreed. Only then can we both have something to look forward too.

I am passionate about my work, my craft and how I choose to deliver it to my clients. I hope to achieve the same outcome for you and your clients. 

Click here to learn more about the Michael Vincent experience.

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