Legacy: The Chain of Excellence

Legacy; this is a lovely word in the English Language.

What we live behind after our lives is over can impact many people.

My legacy I hope, will be one where my students continue to perpetuate the great teachings I got from Alan Alan and Slydini.


I hope to leave the craft of magic a little better than I found.

I hope my legacy of Love, Friendship, Magic, Photography and Humanity leaves people touched, moved and inspired.

I really enjoyed my time with James Pritchard today, He is a fine gentleman and talented magician. He, like many of my students are part of my legacy. 

The chain of excellence is strong – Larry Jennings, Dai Vernon, Rene Lavand and many others all played their part in my development. It is my duty to pass it on to those who are as passionate as I am.

My heroes live on within me, I hope I can continue inspire others too.

“The key to immortality is to live a life worth remembering”.

Bruce Lee

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