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When I first read this routine, it made no sense to me. It’s the first routine in the last chapter of The Royal Road to Card Magic.

Jean Hugard described it well. I followed the instructions and still, the experience of it was lost on me.

It would be many years before I saw the light. Now, I see his routine as a true masterpiece.

The routine bares the name of its creator Conus, a French Magician. He was probably a generation or two before Robert Houdin.

What is astonishing about this routine is the simple fact that it plays big, it has built in humor and the magical effect of cards transforming into Ace plus the Aces appearing in the spectator’s pocket is genius thinking.

It is not an easy routine to do well. It requires advanced sleight of hand techniques, showmanship, delivery, great acting ability and a deep understanding of psychology.

Master Conus had all of this skill set at his disposal. This routine is a complete act and it inspired Robert Houdin to publish it in his book, The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic 1868.

It is a very sophisticated routine, the sucker phases shows a very keen intellect on the part of Conus. He must have known this is a routine that features drama, suspense, humor in order for the magic to register powerfully.

I love this routine; it fits my whimsical style perfectly. All of the techniques are well covered under the radar leaving no clues.

When the Aces Vanish and appear in the spectator’s pocket, the routine comes full circle.

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A Wonderful Book

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