Book of The Month: Update

Just a quick update to say how much I am enjoying this process. I have received some wonderful feedback from magicians and their selection of three effects are proving very interesting indeed. Cardshark as a book has so much source material to choose from, it is an embarrassment of riches for us. I shared the idea about this project with my friend Darwin Ortiz and he was greatly flattered by the book choice and endorsed the idea of “active participation”.

This got me present to he fact that reading a good book required intellectual and physical participation in order to bring to fruition this beautiful magic.

I am currently sourcing some Hunter Watches for Darwin’s stunning effect “Time Piece”.
Tomorrow night I am presently a Gambling Act for The Zodiac Magical Society and I will have some fresh footage to share so stay tuned for that.

To all of you who have posted on this site, a big thank you for your participation and partnership.

Here is a photograph of some of my books:
I value very much this collections of books. I would be interested to see yours, feel free to send me a photograph and I will post on the site with credit.


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