Book of The Month: Update

Since this challenge started, I am re-discovering my love and passion for this wonderful book. Having digested the Introduction by Paul Gertner and the Foreword by Darwin. i have starred to revisit the effects.

I remember when I first read “The Pyschotronic Card”, I thought it was a great effect, however, carrying two deck around just didn’t fit my style at that time so I passed the effect by. I was already performing successfully Brother Hammans, “Signed Card” and getting amazing reactions from lay people, so Darwin’s routine was off my radar.

In the book, there is another routine which makes use of two decks called “The Unholy Three”. When I read this effect, I just thought OMG, this has to go into my show. This routine was the impetus that made me feel, carrying two decks wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

in 2005, I appeared at The Magic Castle appearing along side the late Alan Shaxon as part of an all British week. This was an amazing week of magic in my life simply because, I went fully loaded intending to do some serious work. One of the routines which I presented was Darwin’s “The Unholy Three”, this routine brought the house down, in fact, I closed my show with it.

This was the beginning of my personal transformation as a technical artist – this book inspired me to dig deeper into my passion and raise my standard.

Another routine which has become a big part of my life is “The Sting”. Ten years of study and practice to master this sensational routine…it was worth it.


Practicing “The Sting”

Last week, I was hired to appear at a wedding. For the Bride and Groom, I would normally perform “The Anniversary Waltz”. This time, I choose to see how I could frame Darwin’s astonishing routine “Signature Effect” within the context of two people who have just gotten married. I have to say, it was w beautiful experience to see the Bride freak out when her signature had travelled from one card to another.

I will use this effect a lot more form now on.

The three effects I have chosen for my further study are:

Time and Again
The Showdown 
The One Hand Poker Deal

Stay tuned for another update.

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