Book of The Month: Update

Time Piece

Thanks to my friend Jin Lee, I have been able to purchase a set of Hunter Watches for Darwin’s classic effect “Time Piece”.
The watches have been engraved as per Darwin’s instructions. The company who sells them is called POCKET WATCH and they offer a free engraving service if you purchase three items which I did.

They have done a wonderful job and the final product looks amazing, perfect for this routine.

As you can see from the images below, each watch has been engraved with the inscriptions: Time is no Illusion”, “The Two of Hearts” and “The Three of Clubs”.

The extra watch with the inscription of a different card will come in handy for the sake of variety.

This routine is a theatrical masterpiece and I am very excited to have these props made and look forward to developing this routine for my show.

If this routines appeals to you, then do check out the Company Pocket Watches, they have a wide selection to choose from and an excellent customer serves and delivery options.



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