The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 4 – The Quest for Mastery


I am so thrilled to announce that I have just completed the filming of my new DVD project, ‘The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent’ Volume 4 – The Quest for Mastery’.

The show was filmed at Eastwell Manor in Kent and  I want to thank Peter Nardi of Alakazam Magic, Russ Stevens of RSVP and all the people who came to support the  event. It was a fantastic evening of magic, conversation and fun.  I am confident that the finished DVD will be a stunning visual treat for everyone this coming Christmas.

I am also pleased about the fact that this DVD will feature some of my most treasured effects and insightful conversation that will build on my previous DVDs.  Do be sure to review the material on my previous DVDS so that by the time this new DVD box set arrives, you will be ready to receive full benefit form the material.

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