The Book of the Month Challenge has begun


This new and exciting initiative has begun tonight.

A big thank you to all of you who registered your interest in being part of this project. The context for this is all based around discovering the great magic and teachings found in the books on our shelves.

Over the next two months we will be studying the classic book by Darwin Ortiz “Cardshark”. Here is what it entails:

1: To read this book again and enjoy the process.
2: Single out 3 effects for further study.
3: Out of the three chosen effects, single out one item from the list of three for committed study, practice and performance.
4: By Monday 20th October participants will send me an email with their thoughts about this book.
What they like about it, 
What they didn’t like, 
The effects they have chosen and their one item for committed study. 
I will share a collection of thoughts and opinions on my website. 
There will be a few video performances included to enhance this study.
I will be sharing my thoughts about this book as I go along as well.

So, here we go, stay tuned.


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