I just wanted to share my immediate thoughts about this book so far.
The Introduction to the book by Paul Gertner is very insightful, he draws reference to the word professional and its true definition in Webster’s Dictionary: ”One engaged in a learned professions” and who  ”who conforms to the technical and ethical standards of the profession”.

This powerful introduction is a tiny prologue to what this book will introduce the reader to, astonishing card magic achievable through disciplined study and practice.  When I first got this book and read those words, I thought I was pretty good at card tricks. This book revealed to me my own shortcomings about many aspects of my craft and my relationship to the subject.

This simple conversation about practice and technical mastery was and still is “INTIMIDATING”.
Reading Darwin’s Foreword expands the subject even more. He sets out his stall with no apology for the quality of the material and the technical demands it will place on the reader. If the reader chooses to embrace the technical requirements to bring this gorgeous magic to life, it will place a heavy demand on the student.

I will be completely honest and say this book was hugely confronting to me as a young student, In fact, it would be at least six months to a year before I felt comfortable performing one of the major items in the book. It would be about ten years before I first performed “The Sting”, more about this routine another time. For now, let me just declare that this book has become my favourite book on card magic and also responsible for my shift in attitude and growth as a technical artist.

More to follow, stay tuned.


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