Penguin Magic LIVE: The Quest for Mastery


WOW, what can I say?

I have just returned home from an awesome time in Columbus, Ohio where I presented my lecture “The Quest for Mastery” for Penguin Magic.

Penguin Magic has built a wonderful reputation for hosting the worlds finest magicians at its studio. The list of artist who have appeared is a who’s who in the world of magic: 
Darwin Ortiz, Jared Koph, David Williamson, Harry Anderson, Gaetan Bloom, Dani DaOrtiz, Kenton Knepper, Looch, Boris Wild, Danny Garcia, Richard Osterlind, David Roth, Mark Mason, Eric Jones, Jon Allen, Jay Sankey, David Regal, Woody Aragon, Marc Spelmann, Greg Wilson, Dan Harlan, Andrew Mayne, Gazzo, Calen Morelli, Shawn Farquhar, and Josh Jay and Roberto Giobbi.


It was a great privilege for me to appear for Penguin. I enjoyed the experience very much.  Consider, a global audience of magicians all tuning in around midnight to watch a magic lecture whilst being broadcast live over the internet. This is where the magic of technology meets the magic of magic, truly awesome.
The event had a live audience present so it was easy to generate myself for the people present.


My lecture featured most of my classic routines, like, “The Intuition Speller”, “KISMET”, “4PLAY, with “Foursome”, “The Human Slot Machine” and a brand new routine, Pasteboard Larceny”. This routine has become a favourite of mine. All of this was interspersed with my Keynote Slides and running commentary.  There was one effect which registered very well and that was the classic “Card Up The Sleeve” by Victor Farelli. My version incorporates a wonderful addition by my friend Darwin Ortiz called “Ace in the Pocket”.

Lecturing has become a very important part of my world. I love talking and sharing my philosophy about magic with dedicated students. This process, helps me to fine tune my own concepts and puts  definition on my self-expression.  The most important aspect of teaching for me has become my ability to communicate in such a way that my students and audience can get something of value for themselves. 

It is pointless attending a lecture if all you are going to get is a magician just showing how clever he is and not impart anything that can transform your relationship to the craft. For me, it is critical that the “how” and the “why” of magic have an integrity that binds all the elements of the craft together.

If you would like me to lecture for your magic club throughout 2014, please get in touch as soon as possible. I would love to discuss the possibility of presenting “The Quest for Mastery” for you. 
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