Mastery Vs The Comfort Zone

I am on a mission to mastery – my comfort zone is my enemy.

As a professional magician, it is important not to become complacent.

It is very easy, to fall into the trap of just showing up doing the show and coming home.

It’s very important for me to remain sharp, on the edge and alert with everything that I do.
One of the ways I achieve this is by constantly changing my repertoire.
I love performing and it’s very important to me that I give my audience my very best effort. Last night is a case in point, I performed at the Magic Circle and it was wonderful evening of magic. I certainly did not pull any punches and brought out the heavy

For those of you interested, this was my killer set:
The Hold-up
The Vincent Rope Routine
Money Transformation

Card Magic:
12 The Hard Way
52 Factorial,
52-Pick Up,

Bonus Encore:
The Ultimate Travelers. 

I am happy for the simple reason, I could have played it safe, I chose to live on the edge tonight and be alert, focused and daring. It paid off.  The routines were all technically demanding and required absolute focus to ensure I achieved my outcome which was creating a magical atmosphere for my audience. The comfort zone is a very insidious place, this is where we experience laziness in our work. This is not an option for me simply because my goal is to inspire my audience with the most profound of human emotions, pure astonishment.

Miracles occur just beyond the zone of comfort.


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  1. Your performance last night at the Wellcome Collection was outstanding Michael and 30 minutes of real miracles. Standing in the audience I could feel the amazement. You went beyond your comfort zone and excelled.

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