Eric Richardson – A Man of Many Talents


Eric Richardson

My friend Eric Richardson never fails to amaze me.

As many of you know, he is a prolific author and an outstanding magician.

He featured as one of my guest bloggers last year and I am delighted to be writing this first blog post for 2016 because Eric has surprised me yet again with his generosity and craftsmanship.

Just before Christmas he alerted me to the fact that he will be sending me a present in the post. When his gift arrived, I was blown away by what my magical Santa from France had sent me.

The image above is Eric’s new hand made Leather Card Case.

From Eric:
“The case made with a high quality tanned & stained leather. It is hand-stitched with waxed linen thread. The stitch technique is called “saddle stitch” and it is the strongest and most durable stitching technique possible.”

The image is as good a quality photograph as I could take using my Lightbox and Nikon Camera.

The joy of holding this Leather Card Case in my hand is such a lovely, tactile and visceral experience. I am a lover of Leather products and this item is simply first class. It is a perfect fit for a regular Poker Sized deck of cards and oozes CLASS. Your audience will feel its quality the second you removed the deck from the case.

​Eric is in the process of designing new concepts and will be sharing his creations very soon with us.

​Rest assured you will be able to read about it here on my website.

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