The Michael Vincent Close-up Mat™


The Michael Vincent Close-up Mat – Mobile Version
Over the years, I have used far too many close-up mats for my close-up magic performances. The original mats by Gibson first caught my eye during the 1980s and were a good size with perfect “give” for coin and card magic.

As I got older, the condition of my hands changed with very little moisture. This has proved to be problematic as the surface of most mats I found to be very irritating. Modern close-up mats, are nothing more than a neoprene fabric, which feels absolutely awful against my skin.

The one thing the neoprene surface has is its “give” – it has just the right amount of surface tension for fine riffle shuffle work. One day, it occurred to me to cover the neoprene with the most perfect fabric – Green Baize.  The same Green Baize used for covering snooker tables.

The feel of Green Baize material against my hands/skin is perfect. Also. the fabric and playing cards is a match made in heaven.

I’ve been making my own close-up mats for quite sometime now and delighted with the results.

The photograph shows one of my smaller designs for travel, and mobile practice sessions. I’ve also made large size mats for my formal performances and they function beautifully.

I have made few mats for friends, so there are a few of the worlds finest card and coin experts using my concept.


The Michael Vincent Close-Up Mat – Pro Size

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