Wayne Dobson’s 3Sixty Turn

One of the most outstanding effects of all time is the classic card in box. Bruno Hennig created this effect and showed it to the great Fred Kaps. It was through Kap’s performance that popularised this wonderful effect.

The first time I saw the card in box was back in 1983 when Tommy Wonder performed close-up magic at The International Magic Convention. This left a profound impression on my young mind and when Tommy taught this effect at his lecture I added it straight to my repertoire – I have been performing it ever since.

Like a lot of magicians, I love props and I’m always on the lookout for something classy and elegant. Where this effect is concerned, I have lost count of how many different types of boxes I have used over the years. Many clever magicians have created wonderful variations on the original effect and provided us with some wonderful looking designs and elegant props to complement this mystery.

Jon Allen gave us “The Destination Box”, David Regal shared his creation the “Clarity Box” and now, from Wayne Dobson we have a wonderful addition to the classic card in box.

From Wayne Dobson we have the next logical step in the evolution of the card in box – D-Trik Presents “3SIXTY”.


D-Trik Presents 3SIXTY

At the recent International Magic Convention, my friend Michael Sullivan performed “3SIXTY” for me and I have to say, for a moment, I was fooled. Have you ever wanted to perform the card in box and cleanly display an empty box afterwards with nothing else in your hands except a folder playing card? 

Well, now you can.

Some of the best methods in magic combine sleight of hand, gimmicks, psychology and it’s how these principles work together that creates the perfect illusion. With “3Sixty”, you have a beautiful precision-made Perspex Box combined with one of the oldest principles in magic. All you need to do is bring your best technical ability to this principle and you will have without doubt one of the cleanest card in box I have ever seen.

From a personal point of view, it will be very difficult for me to change what currently doing to make full use of this wonderful prop. I felt the same way about The Destination Box, which I love – I felt it was worthy of something much more than this traditional effect – I have the same feeling with regards to 3Sixty. 

With The Destination Box, I created an effect, which was worthy of this beautiful wooden box and it features as a powerful mystery in my stage show. I have now vowed that I will create something worthy of the 3SIXTY principle.

I want to congratulate Wayne Dobson for sharing with us his beautiful effect. He is one of the most creative magicians in Britain and I am continually amazed by his fertile creative mind. Thank you Wayne and big thanks to my friend Michael Sullivan for supporting Wayne in bringing this wonderful product to the market place. This comes highly recommended. 

Visit www.WayneDobson.co.uk

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