The Mastering Magic World Tour

I am delighted to share that I have returned home from The Netherlands where I presented The Mastering Magic Seminar to a wonderful community of Dutch Magicians.

Holland has been a country oozing magical excellence as far back as I can remember. The Dutch can be proud of their magical heritage. Great magicians like Okito, Fred Kaps, Tommy Wonder, Richard Ross, Ger Copper and Flip have all made their mark on the world stage and done Holland proud.

For me as a young boy, these magicians were my favourites, they inspired me with the feeling of real magic.

It was a great pleasure for me to share my work with their community of magicians today.


Aljaz Son

My friend Aljaz Son was hugely instrumental in supporting me to  make this event happen along with Geert and Ron of Magicshop.NL

This event marked the beginning of my global tour with this particular Seminar. The next showcase will be here in London on the 23rd April and then I am off on my travels.

For now, I want to thanks my friends and all the magicians in Holland for their support and great feedback


​Hello Michael & Aljaz,
Ron here!
I would like to say thank you for being here. We really loved what we have seen and what you have told!
I really mean it if I say it has been one of the best lectures I have seen in a while!
The people who were there reacted very positive and we have received mails and calls the day after, they loved it!
So thank you again and all the best!!
Kind regards,
Ron & Gert

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