Shuffling Philosophies by Jin Lee

With total self confidence and assurance, my friend and student Jin Lee took the stage last night for his final performance of “Shuffling Philosophies”.

This last performance has been a journey of self discovery for this Birmingham based artist. In his performance, Jin Lee weaves a a fascinating tale of passion, purpose and intention. A deck cards has become his medium for self-expression and his use of language and storytelling allows us, the audience, a little glimpse into his life and psyche. 


Jin Lee – Card Artist

What I found most impressive about Jin’s delivery was his humanity and authenticity in sharing his point of view. It is one thing to do a card trick and it is another thing entirely to make the audience care about the experience. His performance feature many classic effects over the hour and 20 minute presentation. Each effect was handled with neatness and precision which allowed the effects to register with “punch”.

I was very impressed with his opening effect – an effect where the King of Diamonds appeared at different locations in the deck of its own volition. This opening prologue was very reminiscent of Dr hofzinser’s “EveryWhere and Nowhere”. The big difference was there was no initial selection and yet still the King of Diamonds appeared here there and everywhere which brought the deck to life.  This was a perfect way to establish the context of the show and his performance style – style inspired by our great hero Rene Lavand.

In his hands, a deck of cards comes to life – his words punctuate and amplify the happening. This approach demands impeccable technique which has and conviction in the delivery. For someone as young as Jin is, he has a maturity beyond his years – an old head on young shoulders.

This young man has found his dharma – his purpose in life.

In the words of the late Viktor Frankle: 
“A man’s search for meaning will be defined by a purpose greater than himself”.
I believe Jin has found his purpose – to discover himself and his place in the world and on this journey, he will meet fellow travelers who share the same intention….I am one of them. 

He is my friend and student and The Vincent Acadmey is very proud of his achievements.

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