Michael Vincent Magic-A Global Experience

It has been a very exciting time over the last few months. I’ve travelled to several different countries, performing and lecturing and the  experience has been truly satisfying. Meeting many of my community members from Facebook and making wonderful connections and new friendships is the real magic in my life.

It was a big thrill for me to visit San Francisco and meet some of my heroes: Jack Carpenter, Steve Ehlers, Antonio Cabral just to name a few


Cabral, Vincent, Ehlers and Carpenter

It was a great privilege to present my new lecture “Classical Magic & Conversation” at The Golden Gate Gathering – it was also humbling to receive a standing ovation from some of the world’s finest magicians. I love lecturing and I am passionate about sharing my love for magic. This was a wonderful moment in my career and I am looking forward to returning next year.

Before leaving for San Francisco, I met up with my old friend Drummond Money Coutts. Drum and I engaged in a one-hour conversation which was filmed and has created a lot of positive feedback on the Internet. If you haven’t seen this video then click on the link below and enjoy my heart-to-heart conversation with DMC.

I haven’t really had time to enjoy being at home – after returning home from San Francisco, I headed straight to Jersey to appear in the Champions of Magic Show. This was an absolutely delightful experience, working alongside Halim An, Young and Strange and Rob James. 

Fay Presto was on and to support the cast and crew and full credit to Fay for her outstanding contribution. Performing at the Jersey Opera House was truly exciting. It’s a beautiful theatre and reminded me of my mentor Alan Alan who used to work in venues very similar to this.


Sam, Rachel, Mike, Halim and Rob.

I have just returned home from Norway, specifically Oslo and Stord Island. I will be sharing my thoughts about this experience in my next blog post. For now thanks for reading.

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