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I am so thrilled to share with you all the exciting news that a new documentary is currently in the works. It features a story about the contributions of black magicians over the centuries to the craft of magic.

This project is the brainchild of Katherine Chears, a very talented filmmaker who had the brilliant idea to document the lives of contemporary black magicians from around the world. This project puts into historical context the untold story of how black people have made a significant contribution to one of the world’s oldest professions.  I am excited about this project because Katharine has asked me to be a part of it.

During her research, she came across my work via YouTube and her extensive network in the USA. It also features the talents of: The Magic of Benjamin Barnes, Benjamin Barnes, Carl Andrews, Kevin Bethea, Kenrick McDonald, Ran Shine, Mon Dre, Andrew Eland and Victor Cephas.

I have often wondered if there were any magicians from the black community both here in the UK and around the world whose history had not been told. This project has conjured up a name I hadn’t heard of before. A gentleman by the name of Richard Potter, the first African American magician born in 1738.

This film aims to uncover unknown historical facts about black people in the magic arts – how the magic arts supported black people as a means of empowerment and how the craft shaped the identity of the black magician throughout the ages right up to the present day.

This is an independent project and is now going through a crowd funding process. It relies on the contribution of people around the world for their support. Many projects in the film industry have been brought to life by crowd funding. Your contribution could mean the difference between this story being told or a significant part of history being lost forever.  Time is of the essence please support this project today.

Visit the Conjurers website:
Learn more about Katherine Chears:

Time is of the essence please support this project today.

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